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“The quality of your list determines the quality of your business.”

It’s true. It’s who you know. But, even more important than that – it’s who you know well and who knows you.

Sadly, counting a list of email address or number of likes or followers is what some businesses think is important. It’s not.

Who cares how many Facebook fans you have? Or, Twitter followers? Or, people on Instagram or Snapchat? It’s not about collecting people – it’s about connecting with people. You know that. But, you also have that other question weighing on your mind – How am I going to have time to do that? That’s where we come in. You do what you’re good at. We’ll do what we’re good at.

We’ll create and curate content that is passed person-to-person; we’ll make those connections for you to get more referrals and recommendations; and then help your future client to choose you.


Meet The Team

Maria Elena   Strategist | Coach

Maria Elena

Strategist | Coach

Justin   Digital Media Manager | Craftsman


Digital Media Manager | Craftsman

Joshua   Blog Editor | Web Designer


Blog Editor | Web Designer

Melinda   Social Media Specialist | Voice Talent


Social Media Specialist | Voice Talent

Jason   Senior Writer | Author


Senior Writer | Author

Rocky   Mascot | Celebrity


Mascot | Celebrity


About Maria Elena Duron

A brand relationship and small business marketing coach and a premier partner presenter. Maria Elena Duron specializes in creating community, connection and commerce around your brand. She helps high performing entrepreneurs and small business owners with their brand online and offline, leverage their expertise and connections and generate “the talk that yields profits”.

Maria is a speaker for the Grow with Google partner program; helping businesses profitably harness their personal brand, content, and referral marketing. Her wide range of clients includes hotels, restaurants, inventors, authors, and web series creators.


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